Solar Hot Water Heating

Solar Hot Water Heating


I need cost effective renewable energy source to heat my hot water especially for larger hot water draws. Solar Electric is very expensive for this scenario and I don’t have enough roof space anyway. 4kW is about the limit

Solar Hot Water Heating


Solar hot water is actually an excellent product choice for this;
  • It is 400% more efficient than solar electric
  • Less roof space for same energy harvesting or scale up for much greater energy harvesting at moderate cost. Solar hot water panel costs are much lower than solar electric for the same power.
  • Instead of being limited up to 5kW with solar electric, you can harvest up to 20kW for the same roof area using solar hot water. This is more than enough for large families, ‘bed and breakfasts’ or even space heating
  • Save money, for larger users… a lot of money
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The Smart Hot Water Company utilises evacuated tube solar collectors. This advanced technology uses copper ‘heat pipes’ inside toughened borosilicate vacuum tubes. Very strong and efficient.

Solar Hot Water Heating

Because the tubes are round they harvest solar energy efficiently from much wider sunlight angles, lengthening your harvesting time. The panels are an astonishing 70% efficient at converting the sun energy into heat.

If you use more hot water, then solar hot water is a great investment.

The best part is our advanced Solar Hot Water controllers not only efficiently harvest your solar hot water but the same technology used by the Smart Hot Water controller and Smart Cylinder is present to control your back up electric element in your cylinder.

With the colour touch screen and all its benefits, you can see how well your system has been performing with its inbuilt data logging.


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