Smart Hot Water Cylinders


Instead of selecting a featureless grey cylinder for your new build or replacement, upgrade and future-proof your investment with a Smart Cylinder . The Hi-tech hot water cylinders with a remote mounted, easy to understand colour touch screen that informs you how much hot water you have and crucially lets you control your hot water energy spend:

  • Saves money
  • Conserves energy
  • Easily understand how much hot water you have and how much you use.
  • Futureproof your hot water; maximise returns from all kinds of renewable energy and low price power options.
Consider the Total Cost including the cylinder AND the power used when selecting a hot water cylinder.

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Smart Hot Water Cylinders

What is the advantage of a dual element Smart Cylinder?

  1. The dual element smart control function is better; stratification management is more responsive, so it saves more. Click here for more information
  2. Recovery is faster, so a major draw off of hot water can quickly be replaced. This allows for higher savings settings with less risk of running out of hot water.

Smart Hot Water Cylinders

Smart Cylinders work intelligently with low cost electricity

You can use off peak power intelligently with a Smart Cylinder to save a lot of money
Time of Use power tariffs can be adapted to suit with our profile management and can work with Single or Dual Element Smart Cylinders
Night Rate (power available 11:00 pm to 7:00 am) works well with a Dual Element Smart Cylinder. Take full advantage of low cost power (often 50% lower) without the risk of running out of hot water.
Click Here for more information on Night Rate

Note: Self Learning systems do not work well with off peak electricity or renewable energy systems. The Smart Cylinder uses a different method that overcomes this problem

The savings are immediately noticeable

It is not hard to tell the Smart Cylinder was installed on February the 17th

Smart Hot Water Cylinders

(This graph was generated by a customers independent monitoring system)

Smart Cylinders work great with renewable energy

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