Smart Cylinder Troubleshooting

Smart Cylinder Troubleshooting

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Running out of hot water

Click on flow diagram to the right for logical troubleshooting.
This is usually a profile setting issue.
For a Profile and Saving tutorial Click Here

Smart Cylinder Troubleshooting

Display blank or not working correctly
Blank display is usually either no power, often caused by power company load shedding (turn off hot water at peak times) or wire to display has been broken.

Smart Cylinder Troubleshooting

Heating too long

It is important to remember that when the display says it is heating, it means it has closed a switch. If the water does not heat then something else is preventing power from heating the water. If the controller really was heating continuously then the water would be boiling and you would hear the cylinder rumbling. No power is being wasted if the water is not heating!
Think of a hot water kettle. The circuit breaker has to closed, the switch at the wall has to be on and the switch on the kettle has to be closed before water can heat.

Smart Cylinder Troubleshooting

Profile Setting

For a Profile and Saving tutorial Click Here

To set profiles so Smart Cylinder behaves exactly like a traditional cylinder;
Attempting to maintain 60°C Click Here

Good for testing and troubleshooting

Smart Cylinder Troubleshooting



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