How The Smart Cylinder Works

How The Smart Cylinder Works

It is a cylinder with sensors and intelligent controller factory mounted on it. Otherwise pretty much identical to the anonymous grey cylinders everyone tolerates today.

Critically though the system also comes with a wall mounted Colour Touch Display. This is your ‘window’ into the secretive goings on inside the cylinder and what the clever software is up to. It is via this display you get to command the Smart Cylinder what savings you want and when is the best time to do this.
User friendly, intuitive and straightforward

How The Smart Cylinder Works

Hot Water Fuel Gauge

The first benefit the Hot Water Fuel Gauge presents you with is a percentage reading of how much hot water you have. This is invaluable information on what you can save, how well the system is running and how much hot water you are using. Click here for more information

Enough Hot Water

The Smart Hot water control software figures out if you have enough hot water, this is a new concept and the core of how the system works and why it is so user friendly. Substantial or minor changes are all no problem and intuitive.

Stratification control

The Smart Hot Water Stratification Control allows cold water and hot water to co-exist in the same cylinder, it knows how far up the cold water is progressing and will intervene to heat just enough to avoid running out of hot water. This saves a lot of radiated losses. Click here for more information

Sterilisation control

We were the first controller manufacturers in the world to introduce Legionella sterilisation control (BioSafe©) to its controllers back in 2005. Of course we have the latest and most advanced protection in place, we call this BioSafe©. No matter what the setting the cylinder will always contain safe hot water. Click here for more information

How The Smart Cylinder Works

Additional Features

  • Holiday Mode button – no heating except for Legionella protection
  • Boost button – heat up to max for anticipated high draw off

Never before have users been able to see how much hot water they have, how much each shower or activity uses and more importantly give them the means to affect the hot water efficiency and their own costs directly. You choose the efficiency, how much minimum hot water is stored and when.

How The Smart Cylinder Works

The Smart Cylinder saves in the following ways;

  1. A Smart Cylinder minimizes lost heat from the cylinder; which can be quite considerable in many circumstances all the while ensuring you don't run out of hot water. Consider a standard (not -smart) A grade hot water cylinder will lose 33% of its heat every 24 hours*.

  2. The way power is used by your hot water cylinder at different times of the day is now under your control. This is perfect for special low price power offerings and the growing use of renewable energy systems; it will work great with your solar investment. This flexibility offers substantial cost savings when enabled and enhanced by a Smart Cylinder. Water holds a lot of energy** so with a Smart Cylinder your hot water cylinder can be used as a liquid battery.

  3. Behaviour change (or culture change) is the most exciting area the Smart Cylinder is an enabling agent for. Visual information from the display coupled with user engagement via the touch screen enables a powerful psychological effect called feedback and now understood as the best way to break energy wasting habits and encourage lower energy use for those interested in participating. But don’t be put off if you don’t want to change behaviour. The Smart Cylinder will work away quietly maximising savings in background anyway, extra participation (and extra savings) is voluntary


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