Hot Water Transfer

Hot Water Transfer


There are two cylinders installed in your house (or house + granny flat). BUT you have surplus/low cost hot water in one of those cylinders and not the other.

For example: Solar Hot Water or a Hot Water Heat pump.
It would be silly to install the same system twice.


Pump the surplus from the cylinder with more than enough hot water over to the other cylinder as required.

Our SolaStat-ET-2 controller is designed for this task.

The image below is of an ideal arrangement where there are spare plumbing ports.
  • Save capital expense by using one efficient heat source for two cylinders
  • Primary heat source can run longer which equates to greater run-time efficiency and so lower costs
  • The primary cylinder will not run out of hot water, it only transfers surplus hot water
  • Flexibility to easily disable transfer if second cylinder temporarily not needed, like the second dwelling is un-occupied
  • Transfer happens infrequently and involves a large amount of hot water when it does. This makes heat loss during transfer insignificant.

Hot Water Transfer

This is a great solution for larger houses and granny flats. Cost effective, energy efficient and flexible.
Future proof your twin cylinder home

Select SolaStat-ET2 controller with S3 sensors (for retrofit onto existing cylinders)


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