Existing Cylinders Retrofit

Existing Cylinders Retrofit

Problem ?

You would love to have a Smart Cylinder but you already have a fairly new cylinder and don’t want to replace it.

No Problem !

You can retrofit a Smart Hot Water controller onto an existing cylinder to make it a Smart Cylinder, with all the benefits you can gain from this world leading technology. Fitting is universal thanks to our patented S3© sensor mounting system.
  • All the technology and benefits of a Smart Cylinder
  • Cost effect solution
  • Future-proof an existing asset
  • Retrofit controllers come in different options
    Element only will control the electric element/s but cannot be upgraded later to solar hot water or wood-burner wetback pump control. If you want future proof options consider a controller with a solar/wetback pump option, you don't have to use those features right away but it's there for when you decide to upgrade.
    1. Single Element control indoor only
    2. Single Element control indoor/outdoor
    3. Dual Element control indoor / outdoor
    4. Single Element control + Solar (or Wetback) indoor/outdoor
    5. Dual Element control + Solar (or Wetback) indoor/outdoor

    Click here to view our Element control only prices.
    Click here to view our Solar pump (or Wetback pump) + Element control prices.


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