Frequently Asked Questions


Please see below for some of the more commonly asked questions, if you need more information please call or email us.

  • What sort of savings will I make?

    Our feedback from customers is around $30 -$40 a month but it varies a lot depending on a number of factors.
    Click here to view a pdf on the savings you could make.

  • Is this a self learning system?

    During the R+D for Smart Cylinder we discovered a self learning system is incompatible with off peak electricity and renewable energy options. Self learning can only look at the past, off peak power timing is a future (or planned) event. Our Smart Hot water method covers the future through the profile (humans are smart) and the past with the user Comfort control. The Smart Cylinder can be adapted to any hot water system this way.

  • Will it keep my family safe from Legionella contamination?

    Yes; Protection from Legionella is automatic with a Smart Cylinder (we call it Biosafe©). If the Smart Cylinder has not been sterilised in the last 7 days, the controller will intervene to sterilise.

  • Does the Smart Cylinder work with Ripple Control (also known as Load Shedding)?

    Yes; with the standard wiring the controller (and display) will go off when ripple control removes power. The controller will remember all settings and status so will automatically carry on once power is restored. However if you would like the controller to stay on and continue displaying stored hot water status during a ripple control power outage it is possible to wire in a dual power option with the same controller. The installer will have access to information on how to do this.

  • What is the difference between a Smart Cylinder and a Timer?

    A timer does not measure or know the amount of hot water you have in your cylinder, as such you can easily run out of hot water and when heating is scheduled it will tend to heat to maximum and waste energy. All of these problems are avoided with the Smart Cylinder. It will ensure you heat only the water you need and at the best time while making sure you don’t run out of hot water. Also a timer is not compliant with New Zealand Legionella protection of hot water cylinders; this is dangerous and puts your family at risk. The worst thing though is your hot water cylinder remains just a faceless grey metal cylinder you have no idea about what is happening inside.

  • What if I have visitors staying or a sudden need of extra hot water?

    The Smart Cylinder has a ‘Boost button’ you can set that will heat the cylinder to maximum as a one-off.
    If the change is longer term then the Savings control can be easily adjusted on your touch screen

  • What about when I go on holiday?

    The Smart Cylinder has a ‘Holiday Mode’ you can set that will cease all heating while you are away, except to keep the water safe from Legionella once a week.