Solar PV Electric System

How it works

A solar hot water system absorbs the energy from the sun in collector photovoltaic (PV) panels located on the roof of your home and transfers that energy to the water stored in your hot water cylinder. When there is not sufficient energy from the sun to heat the water in the cylinder a booster system (either electric, gas or wetback) is used to heat the water to the required temperature.

Keep in mind

A relatively small PV system will cost approximately $7k to $8k to purchase and install plus the cost to install a diverter to get the solar generated electricity to the hot water cylinder element.

Even though they have a low running cost Solar PV panels are less efficient than solar hot water tubes. Therefore in order to get the same amount of energy into the cylinder you would need to install approximately 4 times the roof area with solar PV panels.

Runs all day long with no noise and can divert solar energy during the day into the hot water cylinder. However it does this without knowing how much hot water there is in the cylinder. Because it operates on a simple timer you might either under top up the cylinder or attempt to overheat it and thus waste energy.

The system needs to be correctly set up to ensure the water in the tank is regularly heated to 60oC to prevent the growth of legionella bacteria.

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