About Smart Hot Water


The Smart Hot Water Company believes in a smart and sustainable energy future. We also believe that energy is a precious resource and should be managed efficiently. These beliefs are at the core of our design philosophy and the way in which we seek to develop energy management solutions.

The company is built on a quality ethic. Quality of design, manufacture and engagement with our clients and customers. We are fully ISO 9001 certified. Innovation is central to what we do but always with a leaning towards a quality solution that meets a clearly identified need and then delivers to an exceptionally high standard. We value people. Both our dedicated team and also the many people we seek to serve in the provision of great products and service.

The electronic controllers we offer are designed and built in Auckland, New Zealand. The Smart Hot Water Control technology is the result of 11 years of experience with solar hot water controllers and controlling the electric boost element for greatest efficiency. With the experience gained from more than 45,000 installed controllers and with a team of 4 engineers working for 3 years the Smart Hot Water control method was developed. This is the technology at the core of our Smart Cylinder and Smart Hot Water controllers.