About the Smart Hot Water Company


Based in west Auckland, The Smart Hot Water Company has been making smart hot water controllers and cylinders since 2012.

We believe that energy is a precious resource so our products not only reduce running costs they also reduce energy consumption. Our smart technology makes heating your hot water more affordable and more sustainable. That means less cost and less wasted energy.

The Smart Hot Water Company is ISO 9001 certified. Our electronic controllers and cylinders are designed and built in Auckland, New Zealand. A team of 4 engineers, worked for 3 years to develop the Smart Hot Water Company controllers. Over 45,000 controllers have been installed.

The Smart Hot Water Company is part of Senztek a NZ owned and operated technology incubator. Senztek’s focus is on making products like smart hot water cylinders, off grid lighting and residential heater/damp chasers. These products can be run by efficiently managing existing energy sources (electricity) or harnessing renewable energy sources (solar). For more on Senztek

Senztek solar hot water controllers and technology that controls the electric boost element of hot water cylinders is the technology at the core of the Smart Hot Water Company products.

About Senztek

  • I’ve been meaning to say for a while now - the new controller is working fabulously! The LCD screen is easy to read and we can see the savings we are making. Just a fantastic product!– Kate
  • Having the screen that shows us how much hot water we have in our cylinder at any one time is just fantastic. We don't have to guess if there will be enough hot water - the display tells us right away. What an awesome product!- Robert - Auckland
  • I have now had my Smart Controller installed onto my hot water cylinder for 9 months and am very pleased indeed with the savings. My power bill has dropped from around $115/month to into the $70. That’s a savings of $30 to $40 a month. Fantastic result. Many thanks”- Roy
  • We are a family of 5 and had a Smart Controller fitted to our hot water cylinder about 6 months ago. Since then our monthly power bill has dropped, savings us $70 to $80 per month which we are very impressed with. It looks as though our cylinder was running hot, but now we have it under control with our Smart Controller. Its been a great investment.- Yash - Auckland